It's gardening season and peppers are one of the easiest things to grow!

If you're harvesting your garden and need some fresh ideas of how to best utilize those cayenne peppers, try preserving it for medicinal purposes.

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Learn to make a food that has been safely kept for up to 50 years’

What would be the ideal survival food?

One with a long shelf life, lightweight for easy carry, provides calories for energy and sustenance, easy to make, and a meal in itself.

This Ancient Food was used by the Native Americans, the pioneers of centuries ago and more recently by explorers on expeditions into the Alaskan tundra…It is Pemmican.

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Today I want to do a product spotlight on a awesome idea the FireKable. We all know paracord is a must have in everyone's EDC. This takes your standard paracord bracelet and adds one of the basic necessities of survival… fire starting. That's right, tucked right inside the bracelets latch is a ferro rod will produce sparks of up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also the bracelet has a build in whistle, while this may come in handy and it's not that loud. What really get's me excited is the fire starter. It's a comfort to know you'll have 2 very sought after survival items on your wrist at all times.

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It isn't a fun start to the day when you go out to your vehicle only to discover the battery is dead because the lights were left on or a door wasn't shut good.  While standard jumper cables are nice to have, if you don't have access to another vehicle for use of jumping, then they become virtually useless. Check out our video review.

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We wanted to share a few tips that help with toothaches that are worth adding to your preparedness arsenal. No one likes a toothache and if it occurs when there’s no fast access to a dentist, it can mean enduring a lot of pain.

Toothache pain can vary from occasional mild tenderness to non-stop throbbing pain in either the teeth or the jaw area. Just as the pain variance of a toothache the causes are varying as well; stemming from anything such as an infection, a cracked tooth, cavity, a filling that has fell out or gotten loose and even jaw issues.
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Paracord is the lightweight nylon string originally used by the military for the parachute suspension lines in WWII. The soldiers parachuting down would utilize this string when on a mission and discovered its’ diversity and usefulness. Through the years, it has gained popularity with survivalists, hikers and military alike and many uses have been found for paracord.
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Most all preppers realize the benefits of growing their own herbs to use as both spices and alternative medicine.  Recently we came across an herb known as the Valerian Root.  This herb has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments including migraines, restless leg syndrome, insomnia and anxiety. Realizing that in the event of a stressful situation, it could very well cause one to experience the inability to sleep or experience a bout of nervous anxiety from the fear and stress of the unknown, it seemed appropriate to share this information.

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Items you should stockpile right now, whether you think there's going to be some kind of an economic meltdown or not, because the fact of the matter is that nature doesn't care who is in control of the government or anything else. Take for instance the occurrence of Hurricane Sandy, which came along and caught many people unprepared. Several weeks passed and there were still people without food, water and electricity so it is wise to be ready for any circumstance like that.
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It is no surprise that when preparing for a crisis and thinking about how dire things could get, varying degrees of hopelessness and depression can easily set in. I think the fear of depression or thoughts of doom and gloom are often the reason why so many people choose to put their head in the sand and avoid the topic altogether. If you’re on our website, then you already know that pretending nothing bad could ever happen is not going to fix anything, but rather put your family at a higher risk.

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Here at we make it a top priority to provide you with beneficial information so you can successfully fulfill your goals in preparedness. We strive to keep you current on all aspects of survival, whether it is food, shelter, health or self-defense; because it all matters when “surviving at all costs”.

We also realize that with the wide array of everything necessary to make those goals a reality it can become overwhelming, whether it is regarding time and money requirements, or storage space or knowing how to begin personalizing a plan that will fit the needs of your family. We want to help save you time, take some of the stress and legwork from you and put it all within easy reach.

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