BioLite Cooking Stove and Power Generator

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A way to cook your food while camping or in a survival situation is vital.  Add the means to generator power at the same time and you have a very impressive combination. That's right there is a small compact camp stove you can generate power to charge your phone or other usb powered devices while cooking or providing heat!

There are hundreds of choices for portable camp stoves, so picking the right one can be hard. As always there are pro's and con's of any decision, but the pro's of the BioLite stove outweigh the cons by a long shot.

BioLite Stove

The BioLite uses wood to produce heat that is then converted in to electricity by means of the Peltier effect; in short by heat one side of a device and cooling the other produces power. The power produced is not enough to run many items, mainly 5 volt USB items such as cell phones, rechargeable lights and USB battery packs work great with the BioLite.

The stove is powered by small sticks and twigs so fuel is easy to come by out in the wilderness which is nice, but you need to cut it to fit in the small BioLite stove. The fuel chamber is fairly small so you have to watch it closely to keep it going. Considering the BioLite is about the size of a 1 liter bottle it should come as no surprise you have to feed it fuel often.

The stove when burning optimally is cleaner than most petroleum gas stoves. But put in wet wood and it's smoke city, something you might not want if you are out in the wild. The fan that run is silent and will not be heard from very far.

BioLite sells a few attachments to turn the stove in to a mini cooking grill so you can fry up fish, burgers, hotdogs and more in no time, in fact it's surprising how good the cooked food tastes form this little stove.  There is also a pot that doubles as a carrying case for the Biolite that fits it like a glove, with a built-in pour spout and lit. Boil water for coffee, soups and your dried meals in minutes.

The biggest con to the BioLite if you want to call it a con is the price, it's not cheap around $130 for the stove and the accessories for it run about $50 each. When you factor in the portability, the easy to find fuel source and the ability to generate power and provide heat then in the long run the stove is a steal in any preppers toolkit.

It's amazing how a little bit of power can help lower the level of stress of being away from modern conveniences.  You can charge up to 2 cellphones at the same time with the stove. I haven't tried the iPad yet, but I think charging a battery pack would be smarter and then plugging the iPad in to the portable battery pack would work best, due to the fact of the high power requirements of the iPad and most tablets.

While not advisable I know some that put the Biolite at the opening of there tent and allow it to heat the tent and form what I am told it does a really good job of heating.  I do know you can warm up very quickly sitting close the BioLite stove, so on a cold winters day it can be a life saver.

We found a video of someone that gives a fairly good overview of the BioLite stove, check it out below…


Click here to grab your own BioLite Stove and always be prepared!


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