Why a Crossbow Makes A Great Survival Tool.

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Say Bow and Arrow or Crossbow and you may have a few mental pictures activated such as person living off the land, redneck looking tough, naturalist, and sportsman. It doesn’t matter, whatever your initial thoughts, if you’re building your tool bag and supplies for a critical time, then know without a doubt that a Crossbow makes a great survival tool.

A Crossbow serves many purposes in the way of survival. Whether you’re hunting for food or defending your family or home this tool is accurate, silent and gets the job done!

Unlike the traditional bow and arrow where the accuracy was dependent on proper aim, proper hand placement and strength, the crossbow design handles all these factors. With a little practice, just like a gun, all you have to do is aim and fire!

Another advantage of the crossbow is that the ammo is very versatile, with many different tips available, depending on what you want to use it for and it is re-usable and lightweight.

Now, while it is true, the crossbow only handles one round and the most effective shot is only between 25-50 yards, it is still a good all around tool.

As for silence, if you are defending your home or family from someone, then you don’t want to necessarily give away your location like a gunshot would. The arrow’s silence is a definite plus in this case or in the event you are hunting game.

So if you don’t already own a Crossbow, get the best your money can buy, load up on ammo and practice shooting it.

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