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Learn to make a food that has been safely kept for up to 50 years’

What would be the ideal survival food?

One with a long shelf life, lightweight for easy carry, provides calories for energy and sustenance, easy to make, and a meal in itself.

This Ancient Food was used by the Native Americans, the pioneers of centuries ago and more recently by explorers on expeditions into the Alaskan tundra…It is Pemmican.

Recipe for Pemmican

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  • 1 Cup Lean Dried meat (beef, bison, deer, moose, caribou, or elk-NO Pork)
  • 1 Cup Blueberries, Dried
  • 1 Cup Rendered Animal Fat


How to Dry Meat:

Using the leanest meat available, trim away all fat. If you have access to a grinder, then put it through the grinder twice. If not, cut the meat into thin, wafer slices, approximately one-quarter-inch thick or less.

Spread the meat evenly on aluminum foil, or a cookie sheet, making sure the pieces do not touch. Place in a 180-degree oven and dry for 6-8 hours, turning every 2 hours to ensure even cooking. If you have a dependable dehydrator, this can be used also. The meat should be crisp, or snap and crack when completely dried. (Salt can be added to enhance the shelf life, as well). Remember, you are not cooking the meat, but you are merely drying it. . If the meat bends it still has too much moisture. If it crumbles, it is still usable. Now grind or crush the dried meat into a powder. This can be done in a food processor or blender as well.

Blueberries Preparation:

Recommended fruit for drying: blueberries, huckleberries, or cherries.

Cut and begin by drying in the sun or drying them in the oven, along with the meat, placing on the side in a separate aluminum foil bowl. Just like the meat, an electric dehydrator can be used for this step as well.

Grind the dried fruit into a powder. Some can be left larger, for texture.

Add salt to the mixture if desired.

*It is recommended not to add honey or nuts to this recipe as those items can cut down on the shelf life.

Making the Animal Fat:

Animal fat can become rancid quickly. To prepare for the pemmican, cube the fat into one-inch pieces and melt over medium heat. Do not allow the fat to smoke, as this is burning it, which is not recommended.

Once the fat is completely melted pour it slowly over the meat and fruit powder. Stir gently until everything is well coated. Spread it out on a cookie sheet and allow it to cool completely. Once cooled, cut into strips approximately 1-inch wide by 4-inches long.

Storing the Pemmican:

The pemmican can be stored in airtight containers for up to 8 months. *If kept between 40-75 degrees it can last for several years.


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Having food that lasts is key to survival if SHTF, be prepared.

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