Herbal Remedy for Sleeplessness and Stress

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Most all preppers realize the benefits of growing their own herbs to use as both spices and alternative medicine.  Recently we came across an herb known as the Valerian Root.  This herb has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments including migraines, restless leg syndrome, insomnia and anxiety. Realizing that in the event of a stressful situation, it could very well cause one to experience the inability to sleep or experience a bout of nervous anxiety from the fear and stress of the unknown, it seemed appropriate to share this information.


Valerian Root is available in tinctures, teas and supplements as well as growing it yourself.  Being native to Europe and Asia, the valerian root plant has been introduced to North America and many grow their own plants.  This perennial plant loves the summer months and produces lovely, sweet scented pink or white blossoms.  However, it is the root that is generally used to address health issues.  While the blossoms are sweet smelling, the root is not – often touted as having the odor of gym socks or dog poop, it quite frankly is not pleasant.  However, with all the benefits it has to offer, a quick nose-holding swallow of the incapsulated supplement followed by a good hand washing to remove the scent, the valerian root can soon whisk you away to a feeling of calm.  Now how beneficial would that be during a less then desirable emergency situation?

The great thing about valerian root is that it will not leave you feeling groggy or hung over in the morning, like many sleep aids.  Instead it has been shown to increase focus.  In addition, it has natural pain relieving properties that can help get rid of a migraine headache and even muscle spasms and pain from sciatica nerve issues.  Even with these advantages alone being well worth having some on hand in your bug out bag and emergency supply, valerian root has also been prescribed by homeopathic veterinarians for dogs in helping to alleviate anxiety from loud noises such as gunshots or thunderstorms, separation anxiety and even epileptic seizures.

All in all the distinct, somewhat repulsive odor of valerian root is far outweighed by the benefits it offers.

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