Paracord – A Survival Kit Must Have

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Paracord is the lightweight nylon string originally used by the military for the parachute suspension lines in WWII. The soldiers parachuting down would utilize this string when on a mission and discovered its’ diversity and usefulness. Through the years, it has gained popularity with survivalists, hikers and military alike and many uses have been found for paracord.

Paracord is readily available in a variety of colors, sizes, lengths and weights. If you see the description Paracord 550 that indicates it can hold 550 pounds – that is strong! In addition to it coming in lengths from 10’ to an entire spool, it can also be purchased or made into compact, convenient “packaging” such as key chains, dog collars ad bracelets. These compact designs make it easy to have with you at all times so if you’re out in the wilderness or need string, simply unravel the item and you have it at your disposal.

Of course the prepper mindset is to have tools and supplies that serve multiple purposes, therefore, most likely after seeing the list below that suggests some of the more well-known survival uses for paracord, you will agree with us.

  • Emergency belt for your pants
  • Sling or splint for arm or foot
  • Hang tools from your belt or around your neck
  • Secure a tent or boat
  • Tie items together for easier transport
  • Tie a tarp between trees
  • A tourniquet
  • Extensions from your backpack to attach extra items
  • Construct a pulley system or tow line
  • Make a hammock or a sack
  • Replace a shoestring or draw string for bags or pants
  • String up a clothesline or hang items off the ground
  • Create a trip wire for security
  • The inner threads can be separated and used for sewing, fishing line, dental floss or sutures
  • Make a lasso

Paracord is a definite “Survival Kit Must Have” in our opinion. Lightweight, industrious and affordable.

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