Put Preparedness into Practice

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While it is important to have items organized, purchased and set aside for a “bad day”, it is also important to practice your preparedness. Whether your primary interest of preparedness focuses on survival or saving for a rainy day, due to job loss, etc., it is just important to also gain real experience of dealing with this mode of life.


Think of it as being similar to our kids practicing for a fire drill at school. The purpose of that drill is to familiarize everyone with the scenario in the event that it happens. If practiced regularly, then you become aware of things that need to be changed, and it results in less stress because it is somewhat familiar. You need to have a plan of action and have it practiced “real time” so you can tweak the plan as needed. Don’t think of it as a waste of time and resources. If you make this a habit, then if the need ever arises to put preparedness into action, it will be much less stressful.


For instance, all that camping gear you have neatly packed up and labeled in the corner – in the event you need to “bug out”, pull it out this weekend and put it to use! Act as if an evacuation from a natural disaster is happening and you need to get your family to safety.   If you’re not all together, what is your plan for meeting up? Have you thought about it? Do you have any emergency gear in your vehicle or is it all in storage? Imagine having 1 hour to flee your home because of a forest fire, can you gather everyone and everything you need in that amount of time?


If you have smaller children, and worry about upsetting them needlessly, turn it into a light-hearted competition. Who can grab their bug out bag and get in the car the fastest, we’re going camping! Are siblings supposed to help one another? Use that camping gear for an overnight “roughing it” camping trip. Eat from the land (do you know what vegetation is safe and in season for your area, do you have a means to trap or catch food?), gather wood and build a fire only with your fire starter kit and supplies you scrounge up from the area that you’re bugging out in.


How quickly can you and your family pitch a tent? Have you slept in your tent? Do you have everything you need? When everyone was getting in the vehicle, did it take too long? How well did you do in that hour slot of “evacuation time”? A real time scenario is the perfect opportunity to practice and form some type of awareness and also be sure if you have thought of everything you need. Do you have too much stuff? Say you have to hike a mile to where you’re bugging out – how heavy is your bag and is it all really necessary? And if you do need all of it, do you need to have different types, such as lighter weight or more versatile items?


Each person has his or her own plan and reasons for preparedness. Do what works for you, but the important thing is that you do put it into practice. And it certainly doesn’t have to be all out, especially the first time; or if you’re just starting to prep and don’t have all your supplies yet. Take a step.


For instance, maybe you prefer to stay at home. There are still things you can do to practice preparedness. Spend the weekend surviving without electricity. No running hot water, no microwave or refrigerator. How will you prepare food? Do you have water bottles in storage? How will you wash dishes? What about your pets? Do you have supplies for them?


There are so many items to consider when preparing and it is something where first hand experience will be the best teacher.


Whatever capacity you choose to practice with, be sure to take notes.

-Find out what works and what doesn’t.

-Take the basics into consideration. Learn how to use the bathroom outside. Live simply and de clutter.

-Know your surrounding area water sources.

-How did each family member react?

-Learn from other preppers

-Be resourceful


Hope this highlights some things for you to think about in meeting your personal prepping goals.   The old adage “practice makes perfect” even holds true in preparedness.


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